Sacrifice: The Greater Good


On this Holy Week and moment, I am reflecting on the goodness of our Lord. I was raised in a Christian home and knew about Easter and The Resurrection Story, but couldn’t clearly understand the meaning of sacrifice until I got married and had children. Sacrifice: it is something you choose to give up for the greater good and the greater good is whatever pleases God. Do I decide to give time, talent and or treasure for sharing Christ with someone?

Reflecting on God’s love for us. How he sent His only Begotten Son to demonstrate what Love really means. Selfishness, self-centeredness and it is all about me doesn’t have a place for a true believer in Christ. Christ gave all so that we might experience God’s love and glory.

The words in my head, “Are you kidding me?” Resonates when I don’t want to do something someone is asking me to do. Love is a sacrifice. Love is what causes us to go over and beyond the normal way of doing things. It’s putting others before ourselves. How do you measure if someone loves you? Is it how well they treat you, respond to you or even give you undivided attention? This is how my Lord is with us when we give him our heart, mind, and soul.

Live life learning how Christ gave so others might live. We would live meaningful and purposeful lives if we could wrap our minds around this concept. What do you have to lose by going the extra mile for someone in need of love and compassion? Can you do like Christ and see beyond their faults and see their needs? I know for myself, I am still needing help in this area. I ask in prayer for wisdom and guidance so that I am not manipulated or deceived. It is for the greater good that God’s love is needed. I want to see people as Christ sees them and to respond to people that need him in their lives.

Is it your desire to be a willing vessel and available to God’s commands? Are you willing to die to self so that others may receive, know and experience God in their lives through Christ? Christ died that we may live. Isn’t it fitting for us to give our all, be an example of His love, so that others may live too?

Romans 12:2 – And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

3 thoughts on “Sacrifice: The Greater Good

  1. This is so perfect and well written. Since Love is the Greatest Force in the universe, when those who have a heart to receive see His Love in us…they are changed. It is our reasonable service to die to self because we belong to Him. Love You Evie!

  2. I agree with your details , superb post.

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