Peace and Rest

It was an unusual evening where I had been gone during bedtime.  As I arrived home, my husband informed me that my six year old son had been having nightmares and he wanted me to go into his room.  When I got to his bedside, he asked me to cuddle with him.  I climbed into his bed and he said, “Mommy, your cuddles make my bad dreams go away.”  As I hugged him tight, I couldn’t help but think of how our mother/ child relationship parallels our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  When we draw near to Him, our worries and fears are put to rest.  Just as my children seek my presence when they are scared, we should be seeking the presence of our Maker when fears arise.  When we focus on Him and His presence, He comforts us with the knowledge that this life and all its troubles isn’t all there is.  He reminds us of His promises and those promises give us hope.

I don’t have answers for tragedies like the one we saw unfold on a high school campus in Parkland Florida, or the horrors of sex trafficking.  I won’t always be able to give my children the answers they are seeking about the horrible things they may one day witness or hear about.  One thing I do know I can do, however, is to teach them who to go to for peace amidst the evil we see, hear about and experience.  We won’t always have answers to give our children, but we can point them to the One who can offer them comfort amidst the nightmares of life when we aren’t there.  In this life, there will, indeed be trials, but we have hope in Christ and when we draw near to Him, He will give us rest. (Matthew 11:28)

Theresa Wegner is a mother of four children.  She is a mom’s group leader and wife of the creator of Animo Bible verse trading cards.  She also creates parenting tool resources for the cards at and

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