An Effective Prayer Life

As I was growing in Christ, I would go to hear my Pastor’s wife teach us how to pray and hear from God. I remember her saying, “if you take care of God’s business, He will take care of yours.” She taught us God’s work is priority. Seek first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness and everything else would be added. This awesome Lady would said ,
“The Lord will take great care of you..
We would listen to people’s testimonies of God’s faithfulness and the miracles he was performing in the lives of his people who were seeking after Him.
A wonderful Messianic Rabbi told me, “Evelyn if you stay close to the ground, you don’t have to worry about falling”. He was talking about praying humbly before God with a sincere heart. It has been the best advice ever.
There is something miraculous that happens in the spirit realm when we pray and even more so when we come together in unity and pray. The homes are more stable, the Lord gives women the desire and strength to love their spouses and children. Doors open for the spouses, He gives us all favor in the market place. Our congregations are healthier, the spirit of God flows easier, broken hearts are mended, healing of the mind and body occur.
I encourage you to go to the altar yourself in the sanctuary on a regular basis and God will honor you. Always make it a special time to be with our Lord. If your church isn’t open during the week, don’t worry…God does honor our personal time with him at home. There is just something special about going to His house.
• In the beginning, you may sit quietly for 10 min then it becomes easier and you may go to 20, 30 or eventually an hour(s). Once you get a hold of His peace and love you don’t want that precious time to end.
• Praying with a heavy heart, PUSH- Pray Until Something Happens. Don’t leave the Altar or your prayer room until the peace and love of God surrounds you. The peace and love you sense is a measurement for you, knowing your prayer was heard. Now you can let go of the concern; knowing your Heavenly Father is in control of the situation.
• Praying without a heavy heart- I read my bible, may softly play instrumental and or worship music, sit and wait on Him. Sometimes His presence shows up and sometimes he doesn’t. I just keep being faithful going to prayer and he may surprise me and  begin speaking to my heart. I take a journal and write down the things he speaks to me. I treasure them and keep them. I plan on passing on my journals to my children’s children as an inheritance of God’s love working in my life. Knowing if they are willing to spend time in His presence, He can be with them too; guiding, directing and protecting their life.

Do you have any suggestions that work in your prayer life to share with others?

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