I, Evelyn Burns, want to personally welcome you to my website. You are at  the right site,  if you want to know:

  • You are loved, worthy to be cherished and adored, in every area of your life.
  •  God is for you and not against you.
  • How to become more like Christ,  by seeking to do God’s Will.

My website will give you concrete biblical information and will lead you to  Christ Jesus and deepen your relationship with God. Your relationship with Christ Jesus is a free gift.  No strings attached!

The following are life-learned teaching topics gained through my own life experiences, that prove and attest  to my strong values and beliefs of the Gospel, and how the power of God’s word can also be demonstrated in your own life.

  • Foundational Principles
  • How to Have an Effective Prayer life
  • Assurance of Eternity
  • Biblical definition of Love and Faith
  • Measuring Healthy Relationships
  • Protecting your Family
  • Raising Children for God

If I never get the pleasure of meeting you on earth, I look forward to meeting you in Heaven.  May you be blessed with an everlasting peace, love and joy!

Evelyn Sanders Burns